Agile by design. Human by nature.

From the ground up, we've engineered the Bernard organization to be agile. We empower our teams with significant autonomy - they will spin on a dime to respond to your requirement changes.
Our organizational structure is flat - your account manager is always just one call away!

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Knowledge and experience!

No matter the size of your company, Bernard's vast experience in resolving challenges through collaboration and creative solutions can help.

Stretch your budget!

Contain your costs - including staffing costs. Tap into our team of experts and avoid the burden of additional staff to take on the difficult (and not-so-difficult) tasks.

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Your Complete Suite of Billing, Consulting and Technical Services

Billing system administration

Does your team need additional billing support? We have the systems to flexibility ramp up quickly and the expertise and adaptability to support fast-changing billing technologies. Let us help you!

Billing system conversions

Our team is experienced with a variety of systems - and we've worked with even the biggest organizations. From home-grown billing systems to major vendors such as Amdocs, Convergys and CSGi, we are ready to play!


Facing a big challenge? Our consultants average 20-plus years in the telecommunications industry and know head-end collapses, DTA launches, CMTS migrations and the development of Creative Alternatives inside-out. Let us collaborate with you and well deliver the winning solution!

Data analysis

Too much data, presented in too many ways is sure-fire way to confusion. We know how to efficiently eliminate the redundant data that disparate systems often generate. Plus, we can accurately analyze that data to discern the real picture for your projects. From home-grown billing systems to major vendors such as Amdocs, Convergys and CSGi, we are ready to play!

Process improvement

Sometimes you need a third-party to find - and implement - more efficient ways of doing things. Day-to-day tasks might be consuming your time. Or internal politics might interfere. Bring in some fresh eyes with the drive and change management skills to ensure process improvements happen.

Project management

A detail-oriented manager is critical to project success. If you have more projects than project managers, we have the people with the task and people management experience to ensure your key projects meet their milestones and deadlines, and hit their success criteria.

Order entry

Have processes that aren't quite yet automated? Need a few more "hands-on-deck"? Our agents know billing systems such as Amdocs, Convergys, Great Lakes Data Systems and CSGi, provisioning systems like XCast and Momentum,and telephony switch tools, too. Whatever your system, we can help push things through faster.

Telephony platform migrations

Switching telephony platforms is a complex task. Our team can coordinate and manage any system migration, whether a combination of cloud and on-premise solutions, or a single, cloud-based system.

We generate results for the consulting industry