When a quality experience needs to be delivered every time and on every channel

Customers now demand immediate attention and expect an ongoing relationship. Our agile technology, hiring methodology and training practices helps our retail clients deliver on these expectations.

And our quality assurance program makes sure customers come away more satisfied, meaning fewer costly returns. It’s how we make you stand out from the pack. 

Bernard has a proven, 30-year record with America’s top companies, delivering consistent, omni-channel engagements and the highest level of service across their customers’ lifecycles.

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Inbound Care & Telesales

Each call is an opportunity

Outbound Telesales

We are PACE-SRO certified and know what works

Technical Support

Secure, always-on technical support

Customer Retention

Better customer lifecycle management

When you need accurate customized reports

You can rely on Bernard to schedule and create custom reports to make sure you get the data crucial to management reporting and analysis.  

We work with some of America’s largest companies; we’re masters of data-mining and reporting.  All activity and call recordings are stored in Bernard’s enterprise data warehouse and can be configured and delivered to you on-demand, anytime.

We generate results for the retail industry

We provide multilingual support for customer support, sales, retention, lead generation, and loyalty services for companies in health, beauty, electronics, clothing, and fitness.