Calls matter to you so they matter to us. Bernard offers end-to-end solutions from customer acquisitions through customer care to ensure business continuity 24/7. We’re ready to help take your business where it needs to be, whether it’s increasing revenue, upping conversion, or having a better customer experience. 


From the ground up, we’ve engineered the Bernard Consulting Team to be agile. We empower our team members with significant autonomy — they will spin on a dime to respond to your requirement changes. Our organizational structure is flat — your account manager is always just one call away!

Empowered Teams

for Better Performance

Flat Structure

for Rapid Response

Cloud Technology

for Advanced Efficiency, Reporting and Scalability

We Play With the Big Dogs… and We Win.

Bernard is a group of dedicated people ready to solve your problems
and earn your trust.

We ask questions. We listen. We understand that you are placing a responsibility that’s essential to your business into our hands. Our consultants are experienced in all aspects of telecommunication billing and operations. Our call centers are full of highly trained people who truly understand the importance of retention and long-term customer relationship management. Since 1989 we’ve been competing with the largest players in the industry and winning.

Inbound Care & Telesales

Each call is an opportunity

Outbound Telesales

We're PACE-SRO certified and know what works

Technical Support

Secure, always-on technical support

CSG International

The only reseller of CSG International

Billing Support

Conversion support, back office support and admin services

Customer Retention

Better customer lifecycle management

Trusted by the World’s Best


We’re obsessive about security.  Failure is not an option, so we use multi-layer security approaches with the best tech on the market. Our security is comparable to any major bank.


We’re fully compliant and certified with both PACE-SRO and the 12 security domains of PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Providers and monitored by independent third party experts.


We make reporting simple and easy with real-time metrics and customized reporting. We use proven systems that provide fast feedback to agents and supervisors to make compliance, messaging and reporting easier.


It requires some serious trust to hand over the responsibilities that our clients unleash to us. From forthright interaction with our team to the transparency of our technology and reports, we structure our working relationship so every move we make is visible, putting you at ease with the idea that your calling team is in capable hands.